VICE meets Glenn Greenwald

Published back in January, still relevant nearly a year later. Also has insight into Greenwald’s background. The bit about his grandfather’s service on City Council was particularly interesting.

Serial – This American Life podcast spinoff

The weekly podcast Serial is in its third week and it’s great. Just fantastic nonfiction reporting.

Serial’s first story is long arc about Hae Min Lee, a high-school student convicted of murdering his former girlfriend in Baltimore, 1999.

The did he or didn’t he angle beats with whodunnit? flair. It’s not overwrought (at least not yet), and just the right amount to engage and keep you listening week after week.

Give it a listen, and make sure you start with episode one if you do.

David Edelstein on coming attractions

Buried at the bottom of his 2013 picks:

I never watch coming attractions. Because it’s my job. I’m lucky enough to be able to go into a film not even knowing the genre. I know title, maybe I know who is in it, and I sit down and I allow the filmmaker to take me someplace without any preconceptions. I love being that way, and I’m sorry that more and more people go into films having watched the coming attractions, which give everything away. …

It’s an intriguing proposition, although difficult for the typical movie-goer to achieve.